Practical Simulation Test Prep & Group Proctoring

All current certified raters must pass the Practical Simulation Exam by September 1, 2017 in order to maintain certification. Current certified raters will earn 10 RESNET CEU credits for taking the Practical Simulation test, and RESNET has approved an additional 2 CEU credits for the quiz with the webinar below.

There are several steps in this process, please read the following information carefully!

Step 1) Buy the Software

Purchase the Practical Simulation software from RESNET here. It was originally $250, but they are offering a $50 discount to current raters. In order to get the discount, use coupon code: currentrater. If you already purchased the software for $250, you can get a $50 refund from RESNET if you contact Emma at and send her this form.

Step 2) Test Preparation

The recording from April 5th is now available! This webinar will help prepare current certified raters to take the exam, and the feedback we have gotten so far is that it is well worth it. So help ensure your success at taking the Practical Simulation Exam and watch the webinar now!

QUIZ: If you purchase access to this webinar, the quiz is included at no additional charge and information about how to login for the quiz will be emailed to you. NOTE: Taking the quiz is NOT the same as taking the Practical Simulation Exam!

Step 3) Proctoring

PLEASE NOTE: RESNET has suspended the Practical Simulation Exams until June 1st. If you registered for a group proctoring session on one of the following dates, April 14th (Manchester, NH), April 28th (Westborough, MA), April 28th (Hadley, MA), or May 5th (Orange, CT), these sessions are being rescheduled. We will be happy to transfer your registration to the new date for that location or issue you a refund. Please contact Betsy at if you have any questions.

There are two options for proctoring:

A) We are offering group proctoring sessions for current raters. Fee includes test set up (regularly $50) and group proctoring. Our sessions will either have someone on hand who has already taken the test, who can help with any technical issues that may arise, or will have a trainer on call should there be a question that the on-site people can't answer. The Practical Simulation Exam takes up to four hours. Registrations will be accepted on a first come, first served basis.

Check back as more sessions are scheduled

We are in the process of planning additional group proctoring sessions in different states. If you are interested in an upcoming proctoring session, please contact Betsy at

B) If you want to find your own proctor, more info is here. The RESNET Guidelines for Proctoring are here.You will also need a training provider to set the test up for you, we charge $50 for the test set up, and you can register for the test here.

Step 4) Practice, Practice, Practice!

It is highly recommended that you take the time to practice on the tutorials that come with your software to get comfortable navigating in the simulations. Experienced raters who have been doing this a long time are finding that they need the full two hours for each house, so please plan accordingly.