New York Programs


The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and LIPA both provide a number of resources, including marketing support, technical support, sales tools, and training.

NYSERDA’s Low-Rise New Construction Program (LR NCP) was published in March 2017 as Program Opportunity Notice (PON) 2309

  • Eligible Projects: Single Family Homes, Townhomes, and Multifamily buildings generally 3 stories or less (follows EPA decision tree)
  • LR NCP is only open to RESNET accredited providers. RFP 3036 (see details below) is how NYSERDA establishes a relationship with providers and they expect providers maintain adequate group of HERS raters to perform the ratings required under the LR NCP. 
  • Requirement for providers applying for program:
    • Two projects either performed by the applicant or produced by a rater under the applicant’s providership where: ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Version 3.1 are met or exceeded.

Performance Tiers: LR NCP

  • Tier 1- not monetarily incentivized, but they do provide technical assistance. Energy Star Homes 3.0
  • Tier 2- EPA ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Program 3.1
  • Tier 3- EPA ENERGY STAR Certified Homes Program 3.1
    • Requires all of 3.1
    • Pre-PV - base efficiency of home must get a HERS rating of 50 if the home is larger than 1500 sq. ft. and 40 if the home is less than or equal to 1500 sq. ft. 
    • Post-PV - base efficiency of home must get a HERS rating of less than or equal to 10.


  • are based on the year the project was accepted, the number of dwellings in the project, and the performance tiers.
  • have two market types: Market Rate and Low-to-Moderate Income. All projects are considered MR unless LMI is established.
    • range from $200 to $4000 for MR and from $600 to $4200 for LMI
  • are paid to the builder, not to the rater, but in order for builder to qualify, builders must engage with raters under an accredited provider through RFP 3036. NYSERDA does not directly partner with raters but they do require that builders utilize raters.

RFP 3036- open enrollment opportunity. Goals of RFP 3036 are:

  • To expand market of firms providing:
    • Design and technical assistance
    • High quality energy modeling and analysis services
    • Quality assurance
  • Expand standard design and modeling practices to achieve replicable Deep Energy Savings and Zero-Net-Energy projects.
  • RFP 3036 is a single point-of-entry for firms desiring to work on any or all NYSERDA new construction programs including:

Accredited Providers and Certified Raters