Interested in Becoming a Program Member?

The Alliance provided high-quality HERS rater training classes four times every year, ensuring that there is a steady stream of well-trained, qualified raters to perform the ratings that each state's program requires. The Alliance also provides ongoing support to current raters throughout the region through monthly webinars for continuing education credits, our annually updated NEHERS Reference Manual, representation of rater interests to RESNET, as well as, serving as a career development and networking base. Joining the Alliance as a Program Member is an investment in strengthening the HERS Rater Industry and as a non-profit, support of this kind is critical to our mission. No other group provides comprehensive support services to new and current raters. 

In addition to the Benefits for All Members, members in the Program Category also receive:

  • Listed on website home page under "Our Partners"
  • Run/Vote for Alliance Board Member in the Program Category
  • Representation of the interests of our industry to RESNET
  • Access to the webinar PSD presented at the RESNET 2017 conference Raters' Perspectives on New Homes Programs: Designs that Drive Participation

Description: In their role as HERS QA providers, the authors became aware of difficulties raters faced in navigating the state incentive programs throughout the Northeast. They sent a survey to 370 raters that are members of the NEHERS Alliance, which covers ten states and gathered valuable feedback for program designers and administrators on how well state incentive programs work for raters. 

Suggested annual fee is $.80 per rating done in the state, as reported by RESNET for the previous year (find data for 2023 here). Choose from the following tier structure:

  • Bronze ($500-$999)
  • Silver ($1000-$2499)
  • Gold ($2500-$4999)
  • Platinum ($5000+)

For information on becoming a Program Member, contact Betsy Ames at: or call 978-633-3013.

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