Mentorship Program for RFIs & HERS Modelers

April 2024 Pilot Project

We are now accepting applications for our April 2024 RFI and HERS Modeler Pilot Project. We will be accepting 5-10 candidates to receive training to become either a Rating Field Inspector (RFI) or HERS Modeler.

Candidates applying for this program will participate in a comprehensive intake and needs assessment process, and if selected will receive comprehensive training, ongoing mentorship and case management, as well as, job placement support at no cost. Either pathway will serve as an excellent starting point on the way to becoming a fully credentialed HERS Rater.

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Mentorship Program Eligibility & Requirements

Benefits of Participation

Both RFIs and HERS Modelers are entry-level positions, which can lead to a rewarding career as a HERS Rater.

The HERS Rater Credential is a gateway to a career path with many opportunities for advancement. 

HERS Rater Credentials open doors to:

Above Code Programs:

Additional Certifications:

And more!

Our long-term goal is to build a robust and diverse ecosystem of RFIs, Modelers, HERS Raters, QA Providers, Support Staff and HERS Rating Trainers in the Northeast, so that we can deliver a wider range of trainings and meet the rising demand for HERS Ratings in a growing field that is essential to reaching the ambitious climate goals set out by the state of Massachusetts.

For inquiries regarding this mentorship program please feel free to reach out to our Outreach Coordinator, Lindzie White at She is happy to assist you with any questions or support you may need regarding our programs and services.

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