Connecticut Programs

Energize Connecticut

The Energize Connecticut Program is the state’s initiative to help consumers save money and use clean, affordable energy. This program is a partnership of the Energy Efficiency Funds, the Connecticut Green Bank, Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP) and local electric and gas utilities. 

Residential New Construction

  • Single family, condo style, and multi-family projects are eligible
  • New construction or significant gut rehab
  • Two incentive tracks: (pick 1 per project)
    • HERS rating (most lucrative) ($3000-$7000 per single family home)
    • Duct and envelope testing to meet basic energy code ($150-$300 per single family home)
  • Third party verification required for all tracks
  • Additions and Renovation Program to be released soon

Four Tiers Based on HERS Rating

  • Tier 1 (HERS Score 70-61)= $3000 Single Family/ $2000 Single Family Attached/ $1500 Multi-Family
  • Tier 2 (HERS Score 60-51)= $4000 Single Family/ $2500 Single Family Attached/ $2000 Multi-Family
  • Tier 3 (HERS Score 50 and below)= $4500 Single family plus $50 per point below/  $3000 Single Family Attached plus $40 per point below/ $2000 Multi-Family plus $25 per point below
  • Tier 4 (HERS Score 0)= $7000 Single Family/ $5000 Single Family Attached/ $3750 Multi-Family

Incentives are paid to homeowner/builder for HERS Rating Certification following CT specific requirements. Homeowner/builder must use an approved HERS Rater at their own cost. Bonus incentives are awarded for homes that complete ENERGY STAR, LEED, DOE Zero Energy Ready, or Passive House certification. Income eligible project receive 25% more incentives.

Customer Participation Process

  • Customer hires a HERS Rater from approved listing
  • HERS Rater submits initial application to reserve funds for the project
  • HERS Rater completes necessary testing during construction to complete HERS index
  • HERS Rater submits final application for, CT PV Readiness checklist, lighting inventory list, AHRI certificates for mechanicals, and an insulation invoice to utility
  • Utility sends incentive payment to developer/customer

Becoming an Approved HERS Rater

  • Provide documentation showing completion of HERS rater certification
  • Must have a letter showing you are in “Good Standing” with your provider
  • Send documentation to 2 Program Administrators in CT, jointly (Eversource and UI- contact info below)

CT Zero Energy Challenge

  • Design build competition
  • Promotes builders and developers to achieve near zero energy homes
  • Promotes marketability of low energy use homes

Homes are graded based on 4 different categories

  • Lowest overall HERS index
  • Lowest HERS Index w/o renewable technologies
  • Most affordable project
  • Lowest projected annual net operating costs

Major Additions and Renovations Program

  • Currently in development
  • Will involve projects with 500 sq. ft. additions and larger or gut renovation projects over 500 sq. ft.
  • HERS Raters will be required to model home pre-work and post-work to determine EUI (kBTU/sq. ft.) difference between both conditions
  • Incentives will be on an EUI reduction basis

CT Program Contacts

Jenn Parsons: UI, SCG and CNG
Nick Jones: Eversource electric and gas

Accredited Providers and Certified Raters