RESNET HERS Practical Simulation Exam

For Current Certified Raters

Click here for details on finding a proctor and proctor guidelines.

Steps to Access your Exams:

  1. Fill out and submit this application. Must allow at least 10 days between application and test date. There is a $50 application fee to set up the exams, communicate with the proctor, do follow-up, and provide support to the student.
  2. Receive confirmation email.
  3. If you have not already done so, purchase the Practical Simulation software from RESNET here. It was originally $250, but they are offering a $50 discount to current raters. In order to get the discount, use coupon code: currentrater. If you already purchased the software for $250, you can get a $50 refund from RESNET if you contact Emma at and send her this form.
  4. On test date:
    • Your proctor will provide test password and website to access your exam.
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